Practice Areas

Our attorneys at Scruggs, Dodd & Brisendine Attorneys, P.A. have extensive experience representing clients in a variety of civil litigation matters. Our lawyers bring dedication and hard won experience to each of their cases, working diligently to protect the rights and interests of both individuals and businesses. Our primary areas of legal focus include the following:

  • Appellate Practice. We handle a substantial number of civil appeals and post-verdict motions on behalf of clients at the state and federal levels. The legal mastery required for appellate work differs considerably from trial work, and our firm is adept in both areas. We handle appeals in Alabama’s appellate courts, and have argued cases in the 6th, 10th and 11th Circuit Courts of Appeal. Our site contains a sampling of various appellate decisions obtained on behalf of our clients.
  • Business Law. Contract preparation and negotiation, business acquisition and sales, entity formation, drafting liens, leases, and many other legal instruments fall under the scope of business law. Our firm provides savvy legal counsel for commercial transactions as well as dispute resolution and litigation for clients embroiled in controversies. Our clients consist of local businesses along with regional and national corporations.
  • Civil Practice. As a general litigation firm, our principal focus is civil practice, which is a broad category covering all types of civil cases. With the exception of domestic law, our attorneys handle virtually all types of civil litigation. We assist individual and commercial clients in a broad variety of claims including breach of contract, statutory claims, prosecution and defense of employment-related claims including wrongful discharge, and claims under Title VII, wrongful death claims, product liability litigation, asbestos litigation, motor vehicle defect litigation, firearms litigation, oil and gas litigation, and worker compensation. We have also extensively litigated class action claims for both plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Construction Law. Developers, engineers, construction companies, architects, and other professionals often need legal guidance to handle mechanic liens, contracts, and other operating agreements, along with representation in settlement negotiations, litigation and or construction arbitration. We have experience negotiating small to very large construction contracts, litigating construction defect claims, and arbitrating construction disputes.
  • Corporate Law. Corporate law is a subcategory of business law that directly relates to the legal aspects of how corporations deal with shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, consumers, and other businesses. Our firm handles all aspects of corporate law issues, whether involving transactions or litigation.
  • Insurance. Our firm provides legal counsel in an advisory,transactional and litigation capacity for a number of different insurance companies and several title insurance companies. We have an intensive insurance defense practice, and litigate both first party and third party claims.
  • Oil and Gas. Our firm has represented oil and gas companies and individual mineral rights owners since 1993. We have litigated some of Alabama’s largest oil and gas cases, and we have also provided extensive transactional representation to both lessors and lessees.
  • Personal Injury. Our attorneys assist clients who suffer injury through another party’s negligence, helping them seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury cases that we handle run the gamut, from slip and fall, auto accidents, wrongful death, and products liability to other types of tort cases.
  • Probate. Through probate, the courts validate wills, approve named executors, take inventory of assets, oversee debt payment and estate taxes, and distribute assets and inheritances to designated beneficiaries. Our firm handles probate administration and also represents clients in contested wills and other disputed aspects of probate.
  • Real Estate. Our lawyers handle all aspects of real estate transactions and litigation on behalf of our clients. We provide legal services for clearing titles, drafting and negotiating purchase and sales agreements, financing agreements, deeds, landlord/tenant leases, covenants, eviction notices, and other real estate documentation.
  • Trials in All Courts. Our firm represents clients in civil litigation at all levels, in municipal, state, and federal courts and also argues cases through appeal.
  • Trusts and Estates. We assist clients with estate planning to protect assets, minimize taxation, preserve wealth, and pass on assets to our clients’ beneficiaries as intended. We also provide incapacity planning through durable powers of attorney, advance healthcare directives, and other legal instruments.
  • Workers Compensation. Under workers compensation law, workers injured on the job have the right to receive compensation that covers medical bills and lost wages. However, workers often encounter delays, denied benefits, or inadequate compensation. Our firm provides the legal assistance necessary for clients to receive their entitled benefits.

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